Lovely to Meet You, My Name Is Millicent

Self-taught artist, Millicent Oriel Aps, began her art career at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak during her second and final year at university. During her final online year, Millicent participated in 'The Online Summer Fair', by creating and selling acrylic cow canvas prints in between writing her dissertation. This was the catalyst that created the foundation of her painting style:

Heavy body acrylic colours cultivated into a modernistic style that combines both abstract and pop-art genres.

For over a year, Millicent continued to finesse her style and began painting and selling acrylic originals after moving to Cheltenham at the beginning of 2022, which is where she works full time during the week - but commutes to her family home in Worcestershire every weekend. Since the beginning of this year, her cow canvas prints have been displayed and sold in House2Home in Bromyard, Worcestershire (Instagram: Florenceandannie).


Her creative influences stem from tangible and intangible natural things and experiences. Growing up in a 'Swiss-cheese-like house' meant nature was always too close to go unnoticed. Millicent grew up to the literal sounds of the birds and the bees with nests in the outer walls and bees buzzing in the chimney. Millicent reflects these senses and experiences in her work with the colours and textures that she associates with objects and past experiences, resulting in paintings that emanate truth, happiness and tranquillity.

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