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Introducing Millicent Oriel Aps: A Multifaceted Creative Force

Prepare to be enthralled by the extraordinary talents of Millicent Oriel Aps—a remarkable artist and an unorthodox musical maverick who defies boundaries and redefines artistic expression. Hailing from Worcestershire, this self-taught visionary has left an indelible mark in both the art and music worlds, pushing the limits of creativity with unwavering passion and sheer determination.


Millicent's artistic journey began amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the Covid-19 outbreak. As the world retreated into digital spaces, she fearlessly embarked on her art career, participating in 'The Online Summer Fair' while diligently working on her dissertation. It was during this pivotal time that Millicent's iconic painting style took shape—a harmonious blend of abstract and pop-art genres, brought to life through vibrant heavy body acrylic colours. Her unique approach cultivated a modernistic aesthetic that resonates with viewers on a profound level, radiating truth, happiness, and tranquility.

Continuing to refine her skills, Millicent embarked on a new chapter after relocating to Cheltenham in 2022. There, she delved into the realm of acrylic originals, captivating art enthusiasts with her creations. Her artistry spoke volumes, with one original artwork selling within a mere two days of completion. Building on her success, Millicent's distinctive cow canvas prints found a home at House2Home in Bromyard, Worcestershire (Instagram: Florenceandannie), captivating art lovers with their whimsical charm.



But Millicent's creative genius doesn't stop at visual artistry. She seamlessly transitions into the realm of music as Oriel Aps, a self-taught singer, songwriter, and DIY producer extraordinaire. Her remarkable albums, 'The Wanderer and the Ghost' and 'What Do You Want', have made waves across streaming platforms, captivating listeners with their mesmerising melodies and raw, unfiltered lyrics. What sets Oriel apart is her unconventional approach to music creation—despite her lack of traditional musical training, she fearlessly harnesses the power of 'Logic Pro' and musical typing to construct captivating sonic landscapes. It's a testament to her innovation and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Oriel's musical talents have earned her recognition in the industry. She was chosen as BBC Introducing's Artist of the Week for the second time in March 2022, a testament to her undeniable talent and captivating sound. She even participated in the BBC Collaborator Generator, collaborating with fellow BBC Introducing artist Danny Hallen to produce the enchanting song "Collided."


Oriel's distinctively catchy synth-pop music strikes a chord with audiences, touching the depths of shared human experiences and resonating with listeners from all walks of life. Her unwavering commitment to authenticity and approach to creativity sets her apart in both the visual and musical realms, creating Oriel's mesmerising sonic universe. 

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