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About Me

Welcome! Nice to meet you, I'm Millicent Aps.


I can sum up myself in 3 words; stark raving mad... just kidding. Honestly, I'm just an average person trying to find their happiness by being closely connected to nature, as well as my creativity.


I'm on a mission to find joy and meaning in the little things in life while disconnecting from negative societal norms and bad habits, where I can. I'm looking for my ikigai:

  • What I love to do

  • What the world needs

  • What I am good at

  • What I can live off

Arty Smarty

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved making things. I have one of those brains that are wired wrong, so I couldn't spell but I could make a pair of cardboard high heels withstand my weight. I've always had a passion to make! I was particularly feral and spent 90% of my childhood outside, so much so that when I now spend too much time inside, I feel like I'm not home.


The shapes and colours of nature are scattered in my brain and I always see them come out through my designs even when they're not in front of me. Art is one of my creative outlets that put me into a state of flow and peace. I could paint for 5 hours and not realise that I had not eaten lunch or drunk a sip of water!

Explore my collection of contemporary art featuring vibrant color schemes and bold brush strokes. Browse through my shop to discover available prints and original pieces.

Check out my Instagram dedicated to my art below:

cow curious.jpg

Music Maker

AOTW - Oriel Aps.jpg

I do love a little sing song. My family joke that we're like the Von Trapp family from the Sound of Music, with how we burst into spontaneous song. The problem is never harmonies or being on pitch, it's stopping!


I've always had a keen ear for music since my Mum would listen to the radio with me and my sisters on the way to school and my Dad would listen to Classical FM in the mornings and hard rock or indie in the evening. I can't remember any family event where we didn't have music playing in the background. I also played violin for a couple of years when I was 7-9 years old, therefore, I developed a good ear for all things musical and my weirdly wired head could hear the patterns and easily pick out parts that didn't fit and replace them with something better. That's how I view it anyway.


I taught myself how to produce using 'Logic Pro' after my parents got me an Apple Mac for my birthday ( I wouldn't stop going on about how much I enjoyed this program called Garageband at school). After that the rest is history. I started making songs in my bedroom and joined an indie band at University where I was the lead singer and songwriter, called Leopardstripes. I performed a couple of University festivals for over 3,000 people as well as private gigs and charity events.


Under the stage name Oriel Aps, I have released 2 albums to Spotify; The Wanderer and the Ghost and What Do You Want. In 2023 alone I released 12 singles while working full time as a Surveyor and completing my RICS Commercial Real Estate Masters. Oriel has recently released 'When It Rains' in May 2024. Now available on all streaming platforms, tune into this pop-digital-fusion album and upbeat quirky songs like, "My Best Friend's an AI;" a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between humanity and technology. 

The album delves into life's complexities through catchy hooks and synth-driven melodies. The album is about changing perspectives and finding contentment in everyday scenarios. Produced entirely in my bedroom, my music is a testament to self-taught creativity.

Book Worm

Something is going to happen. Something you'll want to read about. Watch this space.

BusyBeeHappinessHacks copy 3.png

Busy Bee Blogger

Since starting my job as a surveyor in 2022, I have done lots of commuting on the train and soul searching through reading books, online investigation, and putting things into practice. The disconnection from nature and the reality of adult life has disconnected me from nature. it has fuelled me to find my balanced and healthy lifestyle. I want to make changes that are maintainable over time, and deepen my connection to myself as well as nature. I am finding my true happiness and purpose. My ikigai. 

These new ambitions and thoughts helped me to create my new daily affirmations:

- I eat real food

- I exercise my mind and body

- I am loved

I am present

These last 3 years, my body has changed so much. The most significant change is that I developed a gluten intolerance. It has caused havoc on my gut and overall health and has truly affected me in every way; including my energy levels, skin and, mental wellbeing. A lot of my blogs will focus on how I overcame this and how I am getting to where I want to be.


I would love for you to join me on a journey of health and happiness to find a truly healthy balance in today's world. Join the hive now using the link below!

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