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I see trees of green

Red roses too

I see them bloom

For me and you

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world

For Sale - “I see them bloom for me and you”. Roses roses roses🌹 Perfect pinky red roses complimented against a calming mint green abstract background, with flecks of yellow sunlight. The mint emulates morning summer mist in the garden, creating beautiful muted greens, blues, yellows and red pink roses. Streams of yellow sunlight burst through the mist creating an uplifting colour combination.

Blooming and ready for a home. Signed and measuring approximately 33.1 x 23.5 inches, this drawing is presented in a black mount frame, bringing it to a total size of about 33.6 x 24 inches, ready to hang.

I See Them Bloom For Me and You

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